Clickin Walk 2019 | {The Serenity Project}

One of my favorite photography events every year is Clickin Walk. This is a walk that takes place at many locations all over the world over one weekend. It is sponsored by Clickin Moms and mostly female photographers participate. I love photo walks, and I especially love to take them with other photographers. It’s wonderful to chat about photography (and life!), visit with friends old and new, and see how others see the world through their lens.September 13, 2019-ECC_7149-Edit

This year our walk was at the gardens. It was a treat to walk around the garden in the evening, the weather cooperated, and it gave me an opportunity to bring out my macro lens.

September 13, 2019-ECC_7143September 13, 2019-ECC_7136

I didn’t take too many photos this year, but here are two of my favorites:

September 13, 2019-ECC_7153-EditSeptember 13, 2019-ECC_7155

It’s an event I look forward to every year, and I have now had the chance to participate in three different states. Who knows where I will be next year at this time, but if there is a Clickin Walk near me, you can bet I’ll be there!

Do you enjoy photo walks? Did you attend a Clickin Walk this year? I would love to hear about your experience!

The Serenity Circle is a collaborative photography project. The photographers who participate wish to bring a sense of peace and calm to their imagery. Please continue the circle to the beautiful work of  Janet Broughton, still life photographer to see what brought her some serenity this month. 

5 thoughts on “Clickin Walk 2019 | {The Serenity Project}

  1. Wow Eileen. Gorgeous photography. I love the macro images and that image of the stream is so peaceful and stunning. I could sit there and chill all day. I wouldn’t get much done on a photo walk however, but at least you’d know where to find me, lol. 😀

    A photo walk sounds brilliant. Have seen the pictures of some of the CM groups online and they looked like they had a lot of fun. If there were Clickin’ Moms in the area here in Aberdeenshire, it would be great to suggest one for next year. Must keep a look out on CM.


  2. I’ve. Ever been on a ClckinWalk as it seems there are always conflicts. I can see from your images how fun and inspiring it must be. The yellow flower (not sure what it is) is so lyrical and pretty.


  3. I always enjoy your macro work, Eileen. I think it is so neat that you have attended Clickin Walks in multiple states! We didn’t have one here in Calgary this year – last year we ended up cancelling it, almost everyone bailed except me and the other gal who was co-leading. Glad to hear you enjoyed your time with others and time in the gardens.


  4. These are beautiful Eileen. I especially love the macro images and that yellow flower (a type of rudbeckia maybe?) is gorgeous! A photo walk sounds so much fun and I really hope I can join in one some day!


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