Finding Light

This month I  have spent some time observing the light in our new home. I imagine most photographers do this when they move into a new house.  Some even keep light journals.

July 20, 2017-ECC_7437EileenCritchley1

Light changes throughout the day and throughout the year.  In this house, we are lucky to have a large loft. This space has become a place primarily for my daughter to hang out, watch movies, and do cartwheels.

July 20, 2017-ECC_7430EileenCritchley1

We also get a lot of nice light up there in the evening, thanks to the large windows. There are several big trees outside and they create some interesting patterns of dappled light.

July 20, 2017-ECC_7426EileenCritchley1

(I love the plantation shutters in our new house, however I don’t love the glare of light on the computer screen.)

July 19, 2017-ECC_7421EileenCritchley1


Practicing photography has given me the opportunity to observe light in new ways. I love seeing the different ways light can work for me in my imagery.

July 19, 2017-ECC_7418-EditEileenCritchley1