Closed Down | {1500 Miles, 1 Image}

Our last post was “wide open” and “closed down” is the opposite of that!

These are extremes I rarely visit with my images; using a very narrow aperture as we did for this prompt is just not practical for me in my day to day photography. The only time I really close down this much is to achieve a sunburst. I shot this image at f/16 with my 35mm lens. Using a closed down aperture is a great way to get sunbursts!

Of course, the sun must come out in order to get a sunburst! That is why we skipped last week; I knew this was the sort of image I wanted to get, and of course the sun picked that week to not shine at ALL! I noticed this spot on one of my morning walks in the neighborhood and knew it would be a perfect sunburst image. I loved how the sun was shining through the crepe myrtles by a tennis court just before 8 AM. I just had to wait for the right sunny day to capture that!

See how Melisa creatively uses a narrow aperture here.