Love in the time of Covid19 | {the serenity circle}

So many words and phrases have been added to our vocabulary in just the past month and a half.

Social Distancing.


Corona Virus.

Flatten the Curve.

Zoom meetings.

And let’s not forget, homeschooling. Not a new word, but so many of us have been thrown into it with very little foresight or planning.

April 08, 2020-ECC_8725-Edit-Edit

There is so much anxiety, uncertainty, confusion, frustration, worry and just plain exhaustion out in the world today. I’ll be honest, there have been days when I have gotten out of bed and immediately started planning when I could get back into it.

April 08, 2020-ECC_8721-Edit

The good news is we have been able to get out almost daily for walks and bike rides. That has really helped. Exercise has always been a means of rejuvenation and energy for me (I miss the gym!), and we have been so fortunate to have nice weather for the most part. Spring is here, my online friends have been keeping me company, I have lots of books to read (we live in the age of library kindle books- how amazing is that?) and we have been together as a family,  so I guess if there was a “good” time for this to happen, it’s now.

April 08, 2020-ECC_8716

The world keeps on turning, and we will heal from this. Life will continue on. Maybe we will be a little bit better for it on the other side.

April 11, 2020-ECC_8751

I’m keeping everyone who has been affected by this horrible virus in my thoughts.

Hang in there, friends.  Stay healthy and keep the faith.


The Serenity Project is a collaborative photography project. The goal the photographers participating share is to find moments of peace and calmness, even in difficult times. Please continue to Wendy May, NE Scotland Photographer to see what brought her some serenity this month.



4 thoughts on “Love in the time of Covid19 | {the serenity circle}

  1. Such gorgeous spring Images my sweet friend. Yes, my hope is that we come out of this better and don’t take everything for granted. Stay safe. ❤️


  2. Loving your words and images Eileen. These blue bells 💓💓💓. Would love to get out into the countryside to see these pretty wild flowers decorating the forests and riverbanks. I truly hope we all come out of this situation better for it on the other side too. There have been so many positives in people’s lives as as a result already…. and yes, there has been difficulties and overwhelming circumstances and sadness too. It’s good you are taking time to read (me too). Love books.

    Take care and keep safe my friend. Xx


  3. I love your thoughts here, Eileen! Things certainly have changed, but I think we are really quite prepared for it with the online technology we get to use. And crazy that some of those words/phrases did not exist 6 months ago. I love the beauty you found, and I’m so glad you’ve had nice weather to get out for. It’s been a cold spring here–blossoms still haven’t made an appearance and I’m so ready to be warm again! Stay healthy and safe! ❤


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