Winter-ish | {the serenity project}

We have had a very, very warm winter. I have only lived here (less than) two years, but it’s been interesting to see the difference in weather– last year was one of the coldest (Arctic Blast! Polar Vortex! These were new terms for me.) and this year has been one of the warmest (60 degrees! Record highs! These are not new terms for me!) We had our windows open Christmas morning! Not that I’m complaining.

We did have one good snow so far, in early December. Recently I put out a bird feeder and I have loved seeing the birds it has attracted. December 16, 2019-ECC_7994-EditEileenCritchley1December 16, 2019-ECC_7966-EditEileenCritchley1December 16, 2019-ECC_7940-EditEileenCritchley1December 16, 2019-ECC_7917-EditEileenCritchley1

We have really enjoyed watching them, and they do look especially lovely in the snow.

Maybe we will get some more snow this year, maybe not. It was certainly cozy and peaceful while it lasted!

December 16, 2019-ECC_8001-EditEileenCritchley1


The Serenity Project is a  monthly collaborative photography project. Please continue the circle to Wendy May, NE Scotland hobbyist photographer to see what brought her serenity this month. I know life has been a bit hectic for her lately and I hope she was able to find a moment of peace.

9 thoughts on “Winter-ish | {the serenity project}

  1. Eileen, this is a stunning post. That top image in particular is magical.

    Your temperatures sound familiar. We had the Beast from the East and this year it’s been the warmest on record since records began. Mind although we’ve had warm winter days, we have also had days inbetween where it’s been extremely cold. The weather is not predictable at all! Day before yesterday parts of Scotland were hit by Storm Brendan. It flooded parts of a town near where I used to live. One of my favourite seafood restaurants was flooded badly. Here is what it was like:

    Scotland and England have had awful floods this past winter. It scares me what’s going on with the weather.


    1. Thank you, Wendy. I don’t know what is happening with the weather, all over the world! The flooding is indeed scary. I’m so sorry about the restaurant; I hope they are able to get up and running again soon, and that it isn’t a total loss.


  2. I love to have snow in the Winter, especially at Christmas time. I haven’t seen snow in person since 1991, when I left Germany. I actually thrive when it is cold; my hubby not so much.
    I love that you put out a feeder. I had one a couple years ago, but the pigeons were getting in to it, so I didn’t put anything out after that. Love the bird images.


    1. Thank you, iris. I don’t mind winter at all here, it is really pretty tolerable and we do get some snow which is nice. We haven’t seen pigeons at our feeder and the squirrels haven’t been a problem because the bird seed is spicy!


  3. Beautiful snow pictures! I love your collection of birds that are coming to your feeders. Warm winters are nice, but having a nice snowfall makes everything look so pretty. I’ve been wondering where you have decided to put down your permanent roots?


  4. Absolutely fantastic images, Eileen! I love snow photos, and always wish to photograph in the snow. Putting up a bird feeder is a brilliant idea! The birds really do stand out in the snow.


  5. Stunning winter photos Eileen – I heard that this was the warmest January on record everywhere; it certainly was a tolerable January here in Kansas City. We’ve actually had more snow than usual this winter, I think that’s part of the warmer picture.


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