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Well, folks, we’re all in this together.

March 05, 2020-152380MScr030212-R1-015

Which feels weird, I know. Usually crises such as these are weather-related, which is a local phenomena. It’s odd to text with my friends in Arizona, Virginia, Florida and know we are all going through the same thing. We’re all stuck inside, “homeschooling” (or attempting to) our kids, reading the books on our TBR list. We’re all social distancing and avoiding crowds.

March 05, 2020-152380MScr030212-R1-005March 05, 2020-152380MScr030212-R1-009

It’s uncharted territory.  And while I have faith this will blow over and be but a memory (albeit a strange one) soon, a part of me is definitely anxious about it all.

March 05, 2020-152380MScr030212-R1-011March 05, 2020-152380MScr030212-R1-008

For the past several years, I have been interested in meditation and living a more mindful life, though that’s not to say I have been a regular practitioner. It’s been hard for me to make it a practice. But when I remember, one of the types of meditation I have found to be helpful and accessible is Loving Kindness. If you’re not familiar, basically think of a person in your life and keep them in mind as you silently say:

______ May you feel safe and protected.

May you be free from physical and emotional discomfort.

May you be happy.

May you be healthy.

May you live your life peacefully, joyfully and with ease.

March 05, 2020-152380MScr030212-R1-021

People to think of for this meditation: Yourself, first and foremost. A close friend or family member. Someone who has acted as mentor for you. A neutral person (such as a barista or cashier). A difficult person in your life. All living creatures. All of the above.

March 05, 2020-152380MScr030212-R1-018

{bonus: if you say this slowly, or repeat it twice with two people in mind, it takes about 20 seconds. Just saying.}

These times, like all times, are uncertain. But we will get through it.

March 05, 2020-152380MScr030212-R1-032March 05, 2020-152380MScr030212-R1-033

Enjoy your time at home, as best you can. There is a certain comfort to it.

March 01, 2020-ECC_8502-Edit

(all photos shot with a Nikon F100 and Lensbaby lenses, with the exception of the last image. Film images: Porta 800 metered at ISO 200. Final image shot with Lensbaby Velvet 56 through a Nikon D750)

The Serenity Project is a collaborative photography project. The photographers aim to bring a sense of peace and calm with their imagery. Please continue the circle to Pam Douglas, still life photographer to see what brought her some serenity this month. I know we can all use some!


5 thoughts on “Loving Kindness | {the serenity project}

  1. Such wise words, Eileen! Two things that really stood out – we really are all in this together, so much truth there. We all understand what every one is dealing with because it’s the same everywhere. Secondly, I love your meditation method. I feel like you are putting good positive thoughts out in to the universe for those people. We will come out the other side, whenever that may be. ❤


  2. I’m making it a point to be mindful to look at what lessons can be learnt in the midst of all this and what encouragement can draw from it. We are in it together worldwide and I’ve no doubt in the days and weeks ahead, we will hear many heart warming stories and lessons re: goodwill from and towards our fellow man.

    Beautiful share and words Eileen. Xx


  3. The images speak totally of the isolation we are currently in. I love that you created all the images (except the last one) with your film camera. I have film in my camera, but haven’t tried it yet – I need to.
    I love your way of meditation, and will have to write it down. What a neat way to meditate. ❤


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