Something New | {The Serenity Project}

Almost every photographer I know has experienced a “rut” before. A time when you don’t want to pick up your camera, or maybe you DO want to create beautiful images, but the motivation just isn’t there. It can be so hard to overcome this. If I’m honest, I haven’t been “feeling” photography for a while now. Sure, I still pick up my camera, but I often don’t feel motivated or inspired.

I decided I needed a little push and signed up for Tracey Clark’s Picture Nature Class. I’ve followed Tracey for a while (she created the Shutter Sisters blog which I followed when I first became interested in photography years ago). The class consists of daily prompts for 40 days.  I have to say it has been so motivating for me to get out and shoot! The weather has been great too, which has also helped bring it together for me.   Here are some of my favorite images from this experience so far.

October 05, 2019-ECC_7263-EditOctober 02, 2019-ECC_7231-EditOctober 01, 2019-ECC_7223-EditOctober 01, 2019-ECC_7201-EditOctober 09, 2019-ECC_7395-EditOctober 09, 2019-ECC_7385-EditOctober 09, 2019-ECC_7378-EditOctober 08, 2019-ECC_7365-Edit


Sometimes it’s good to branch out, try something new, meet new people (even if just virtually), get out there and enjoy the lovely fall weather.. just pick up the camera and GO!  It’s nice  to think outside the box a bit and stretch myself creatively.

The Serenity Project is a  monthly collaborative photography project. Please continue the circle to my friend, Joan Newton Showers, Charlotte, NC to see what brought her some serenity this month.

4 thoughts on “Something New | {The Serenity Project}

  1. I remember purchasing a book by the Shutter Sisters and so wish I’d held onto it now after reading your post Eileen. I gave it away during a house move!

    I’m loving your images. So many gorgeous nature images, and you know how much I love nature photography so this is a real treat. I can’t wait to check out your link as well. The Picture Nature Class sounds just the biz.


  2. I think we all have times when we have to push ourselves, but once we do, it’s always rewarding. I have my tripod sitting near my door for two days, trying to get motivation to shoot the spider web on one of the bushes. I’m glad that you followed through on the prompts and we were able to see through your eyes. Your first one and your last one really spoke to me. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I remember the Shutter Sisters! I found them through Kim Klassen. I know what you mean about feeling motivated and inspired- I have struggled since I got home from the Tetons in September, maybe because I have so many photos to edit I’m overwhelmed. But getting out and shooting every day is a good remedy, you have a wonderful fall series. I’m looking forward to starting our Fifty Paths book and using that as a prompt for every week.


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