Spring, Continued |{the serenity project}

This is our third month of “stay at home” (now called “stay safe”) orders. And I do feel things moving forward, ever so slowly.

May 04, 2020-ECC_8949-EditEileenCritchley1May 06, 2020-ECC_8968-EditEileenCritchley1

I know it’s cliché to say Spring is a time of renewal and hope, but I do think it’s appropriate to consider it as such at this time. I’ve been very thankful that we can get out most days and walk or bike. It really does help, mentally and physically.

May 06, 2020-ECC_8971-EditEileenCritchley1May 02, 2020-ECC_8921-Edit-EditEileenCritchley1

We are so fortunate to live in a neighborhood that’s safe, with lots of good walking trails and plenty of nature. The animals have become quite used to us humans among them these days!

In the midst of all this, we are planning yet another move. In less than a month, we will be out of this house and in transition once again. The “limbo” period this time is long and uncertain, but we’re here for it.

Life is moving on, and moving forward, one way or another.

May 17, 2020-ECC_8993EileenCritchley1

Stay safe, my friends.

April 27, 2020-ECC_8850EileenCritchley1


The Serenity Project is a monthly collaborative photography project. Please continue the circle to Jillian Baudry, photographer in the south of France to see what brought her some peace this month. I know it’s beautiful!

11 thoughts on “Spring, Continued |{the serenity project}

  1. Beautiful share Eileen. Love the little rabbit and ducklings – so beautifully captured. Wild animals are being recorded as coming closer to residential areas more frequently since Covid-19; maybe the peace and serenity of less vehicles in areas has something to do with it.

    Will miss your presence in the circle over the next while but wish you and your family all the very best when the time comes to move into your new home 👍

    Stay safe in-between times xx


    1. Thank you, Wendy. We have so much wildlife around here, I love it. They do seem to be getting used to people more this year, maybe with so many of us out on walks. Thank you for your well wishes! I’ll be glad when we are settled again.


  2. I am so glad that you can enjoy the outdoors in a safe neighborhood. Looks like you have such a beautiful surrounding.


  3. I love what you captured, Eileen! The one with purple flowers and the dandelion is my fave! I’m glad you’re able to get out a little bit! Good luck with your upcoming move!


  4. Beautiful images Eileen. I especially love the one of the bike handles and your daughter. After taking Ardelle’s Mindful Approach class I have a whole new appreciation for photos that were thoughtfully and intentionally designed. And your chives are to die for! Mine aren’t so well established yet.


  5. What a beautiful collection and it looks like you are in such a lovely neighborhood. I think it is so helpful that we are in Spring, a period of renewal and hope and warm outdoor weather! Good luck with the next move – you are on the way to the end!


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