From the car window | {the serenity project}

That morning, there was fog,  frost in the trees and snow on the ground. The fog makes the world quiet and calm, and even the golf course has a nice atmosphere. I snapped this image from the car  passenger seat as we headed downtown. Fog is fleeting; it was gone by the time we got home. But it was so beautiful while it lasted.

 The Serenity Project is a  monthly group photography project. The photographers who participate aim to bring a sense of peace and calm through their photography. Please continue the circle to my good friend, the talented Iris Nelson- Metro Phoenix Photographer  to see what brought her some serenity this month.

15 thoughts on “From the car window | {the serenity project}

  1. Oh, I love this image. You are right my sweet friend; fog hushes the world around us, and it makes it feel calm and serene. I wish we would have more foggy morning here.


  2. Eileen, I love that you take your camera everywhere. This beautifully composed image says so much about serenity. I thought I had left a message before, but it’s not showing up. This picture belongs in a book of poetry. You have a poet’s sensibility which comes through in your work.


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