Winter | {The Serenity Project}

I won’t lie-it’s cold outside! But the world is so peaceful and quiet with the ground blanketed in snow.

january 13, 2019-ecc_4250eileencritchley1

january 13, 2019-ecc_4285eileencritchley1

I have really enjoyed photographing winter in its many forms.

january 11, 2019-ecc_4204eileencritchley1january 03, 2019-ecc_4088eileencritchley1

I know many people do not enjoy winter, but as I find myself living in Ohio by way of Florida, Phoenix, and  South Texas, I am appreciating it this year. I hope we continue to enjoy this season as long as we are living in a place that has a winter.

january 15, 2019-ecc_4345-editeileencritchley1

january 14, 2019-ecc_4340-editeileencritchley1

I’m finding a peacefulness in this season, an acceptance as we wait for spring’s arrival. And I know we will enjoy that too!

january 15, 2019-ecc_4349eileencritchley1

The Serenity Project is a collaborative photography project. The women who participate aim to bring a sense of peace and calm to their images. Up next is my very talented friend, Nadeen Flynn, Northern California Fine Art Photography. Please continue the circle to see what Nadeen captured this month.

18 thoughts on “Winter | {The Serenity Project}

  1. Love your window view Eileen! And all that snow ❄❄❄ it surely is amazing how it seems to soundproof the world it covers. We haven’t had much snow this year so it is so good to peek into these beautiful snowy scenes. Looks like like the children are enjoying the snow as well. We have snow forecast but just over the high ground. Nothing like last year.


  2. Oh, Eileen, these images are so beautiful (I love winter, but don’t tell my hubby that). I love how you have captured the winter. Enjoy the time you are there and finally have four seasons, my sweet friend.


  3. I love how you are embracing winter in your new home. You’ve captured it so well. I love the beauty of a fresh snowfall and the peacefulness it brings. I just wish winter wasn’t the longest season…..


  4. These are so gorgeous, Eileen! Winter can definitely be cold and depressing, but it can also be so beautiful. And there is something special in the change of the seasons, I think!


  5. I’m just a little jealous of your snow Eileen! These are wonderful, such a sense of calm in the ones looking through the window and I love the two little figures with the snowball!


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