Bath Ritual |{The Serenity Project}

When we were living in Arizona, I made it my habit to take a bath every Sunday evening.


I’d grab a magazine or a book, a glass of wine, a glass of water, some candles,  bubble bath or a bath bomb and soak, read and relax.

Once we moved to Texas, I stopped this ritual for whatever reason. I’m honestly not sure why. I still bought bath bombs and bubble bath, but for the most part they went unused.

But, now, in the wake of our upcoming move, I’m bringing the bath back. I am using the Lush bath bombs, I’m burning the candles, I’m enjoying the relaxation and peacefulness. Plus, I have to use up all the bath bombs before the movers come!

May 28, 2018-ECC_1714EileenCritchley1

I wish for my house to be as spa-like as possible, wherever we are. I want it to smell good, to be uncluttered and serene. This is part of that ideal.

I’ll have to take July off from The Serenity Project, sadly. We are in crunch time now, in the thick of getting ready to uproot ourselves yet again. I’ll see you on the other side, my friends.


May 28, 2018-ECC_1733EileenCritchley1


The Serenity Project is a collaborative monthly group photography project. Women photographers participating in this project wish to bring a sense of calm and peace to their imagery. Please continue the circle to my friend,  Lori McLellan, Calgary area Photographer, to see how she found some serenity this month.


10 thoughts on “Bath Ritual |{The Serenity Project}

  1. We don’t have a bath in our current house and your post has made me wonder that perhaps we ought to have a bath built into our next home…. this looks so relaxing.

    All the best this coming month with the move Eileen.


  2. What a beautiful ritual, Eileen! I’ve never been a bath person, but youvemade me want to fill my tub up right this second! Good luck with your upcoming move!


  3. Oh, this sounds so fabulous and sure is serene. Sadly, in the house we have been living in for the past 24 years does not have a bathtub, just a shower. I miss the bubble bath. I will miss you in July, and I hope that all will go smoothly for your next move. But then again, are a pro at moving.


  4. There is nothing as relaxing as a good bubble bath or bath bomb soak in the ‘tub! I could never live without a bathtub in my house, especially in the winter months. I hope you get a few of these relaxing soaks over the next bit, with all the work of the move. Good luck and see you on the other side!!


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