Handed Down | {1500 Miles, 1 Image}

I’m really not one to hang on to things. I don’t get too attached to objects  and I generally try not to have extra “stuff”. This is largely due to how often we move; the simple fact is, the less stuff you have, the easier moves will be. So I have no problem with going through and purging things we don’t love, use, or need on a regular basis.

There are, of course, exceptions to this. While thinking about this week’s prompt, I realized I really haven’t handed down much to my daughter in terms of physical objects. Old toys and clothing have long since been lost over the years. I do have a couple of my baby clothes that I put on her when she was a baby (and, OK, I may have held on to a few of her baby clothes too).  Somehow a few books have survived over the years and moved around with us. So many moms have  a hard time going through their kids’ clothes when they grow out of them. This is hard for me too, but much harder for me is sorting through her old books and donating or selling them.

These books were gifted to me when I was a baby (so they are rather OLD!). I passed them down to my daughter. And although they are on the outdated, old fashioned side, she does enjoy looking through them from time to time. I’m glad to still have them on her bookshelf. Maybe she will hand them down to her own children one day.

See what Melisa has handed down here.

6 thoughts on “Handed Down | {1500 Miles, 1 Image}

  1. This is such a gorgeous image Eileen, I really love the light and shadows which suit this quiet moment beautifully! I understand the attachment to books so well! I really wish I still had some of my treasured books from my childhood and I’ve found it impossible to throw out any of my little girl’s! I’m so glad you still have some of your old books and you were able to pass them down 🙂

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