Lensbaby |{1500 Miles, 1 Image}

It’s no secret that I love my Lensbaby lenses. I have pretty much all of them, but the Velvet 56 is the one I use the most, and is one of my very favorite lenses. It is so versatile, great for portraits and macro and everything in between.  I love the film-like feel this lens gives me. I almost always take it when we travel too, which allows me to take a creative lens in addition to a more “traditional” lens.

Although the Velvet 56 is a great choice for macro (and I am focusing on macro a lot this month!),  I decided to convince my daughter to let me take some photos of her for this week’s prompt. I love the soft feel of this image and the timeless nature of it. It could have been taken of me in the 1980s, or my mom in the 1950s. Sometimes I take a photo of my daughter and I get a snapshot of what she will look like when she is much older. It’s bittersweet.

Let’s see how Melisa stretched her creativity with a Lensbaby this week!

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