19 Memories

  1. Remember that day 19 years ago today? We got married in New Mexico, at the University of New Mexico Chapel, just steps away from where we first met. I remember looking out the bridal dressing room window and seeing you had arrived. I knew everything would be OK then. The organist was late and I was afraid we would have to walk down the aisle with our friends and family humming “Here Comes the Bride”, but she showed up finally and everything else went off as planned.
  2. Remember driving to our honeymoon? We were almost hit by a huge bighorn sheep as he darted across the highway. As we were driving back into Albuquerque a few nights later, the song “The Lights of Albuquerque” came on the radio. My mother made turkey sandwiches for us at 10 o’clock at night.
  3. Remember the long distance relationship we were in for 2 years prior to our wedding and for four long months after? That was no fun. You were in Washington, DC and I was living in Albuquerque. The letters you sent me were what kept me going. I still have them all.
  4. Do you remember that tiny apartment we lived in in Maryland, when we were finally able to be together? It was a one bedroom, and I can not imagine squeezing ourselves into something that small now. But at the time, it was perfect.
  5. Remember that first Christmas together as a married couple? We didn’t even have a tree. We had lights on a potted plant. The next year, we got a small table trop tree.
  6. Remember when my little Honda broke down in the middle of the Rockville Pike? I didn’t have a cell phone at the time and had to rely on the kindness of strangers. It led to us buying our first new car, a green Saturn. I thought it was the best car in the world.
  7. Remember Y2K? Everyone was freaking out over that. We spent that New Year’s Eve at one of your classmate’s parties. The location was changed last minute, and the world didn’t end.
  8. Remember September 11, 2001? I was working in the pharmacy in Maryland and you were at Andrews AFB. We had no internet access on our phones back then. I could not get in touch with you, but finally I did. That night you didn’t come home because you had to work all night. I went home by myself, sad and scared and alone.
  9. Remember that time we drove across the country? And that other time? And that other time? And that other time? We almost froze to death in Amarillo pumping gas. It rained really hard in Tupelo. We drove through an ice storm in Tennessee. I rode in the backseat with a cranky 4 month old for most of one trip.We drove through the worst rain and hail storm I have ever seen somewhere in nowhere Texas. We drove through Nowhere, Texas a lot actually. Satellite radio and audiobooks became our best friends.
  10. Remember all the food? We always have our favorite go to spots in each city. Tako Grill in DC, Timpano in Rockville, Copa in San Antonio, Garduños in Albuquerque, Brat Haus in Phoenix, The Yard House everywhere… to name a few.
  11. Remember the time we had the crazy idea to move and buy a house and then immediately turn around and go on vacation for two weeks to Germany? That was fun, but a little hectic. It worked out though. We went hiking in the alps, we rode bikes to the Austrian border, we ate way too much meat.
  12. Remember when I was put in the hospital at 32 weeks pregnant and called you at work crying? It all happened really suddenly, but when you showed up in my hospital room, I was so grateful to see you.  I don’t think I have ever been more happy to see another person before or since. You were such a huge advocate and support to me during my pregnancy.
  13. Remember our first night at home with a new baby? She slept in our room in a pack and play and every 10 minutes you would press the remote that rocked it so she would go back to sleep. Why was that timer so short?! It took us a long while to get the sleep thing down.
  14. Remember all the hikes? After we hiked the Grand Canyon, you came back to the hotel and watched a movie on your laptop. I had every intention of watching it with you, but fell asleep almost immediately instead. We’ve hiked as often as possible. Albuquerque, Arizona, Hawaii, Germany, Oregon, Colorado, California.. I can’t wait to do more.
  15. Remember the Hurrication? We drove inland to Richmond to get away from the coast and the storm, only to have the power in our hotel go out (it didn’t go out at our house). We had chips for dinner. The hotel was packed full of crazy people running wild down the hall. Our two-year-old woke up at 2 AM stating “But I have a bed at home, mama”.
  16. Remember the morning my dad died? How could you not, it was just a few months ago. You were on your way to work when I called and you turned around and met me at the school, where we had a parent-teacher conference, of all things, to attend. Afterwards we went to Starbucks.  You got thanked for your service and held my hand while I cried.
  17. Remember that time we stayed up way too late and we heard a really loud noise and then the squeal of tires? Someone had driven their car into the wall by the house next door. It was a Friday night. They drove away, and it looked like a bomb went off. Remember the weird noise in this house that we keep hearing? It makes us laugh because we can not figure out what it is. You told me the other day that one thing you would really like to do before we move out of this house is figure out what that noise is.
  18. Remember binge watching Breaking Bad and Dexter and Homeland and Game of Thrones? And now everything old is new again with ER in syndication.
  19. Please always remember that I have your back. I know you have mine. I am always on your side and so blessed and thankful we get to spend this life together. There is no one else I would rather spend it with. Most of these memories are good ones, and I know we have been incredibly lucky. I pray every day for that luck to hold.


20. And PS- remember that amazing vacation you took us on for our 20th anniversary in 2018? Maybe it was a Mediterranean cruise or maybe Hawaii or maybe London and Paris or maybe New York. But wherever it was, I know it was a ton of fun and more memories were made.

5 thoughts on “19 Memories

  1. Oh goodness, you have me crying here, reading this. You are such a beautiful couple. And you Eileen are an amazing woman, wife, mom, and friend. I am so glad to have you in my life, even though you are now in SA. Hugs and Happy Anniversary. ❤

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